Hunting Screening in Halloween Series on Devil’s Night

Hunting will be screening on Devil’s Night October 30th 6pm at the Anthology Film Archives as part of their Halloween Series.  It’ll be a night of horror and fun.  Please join me and I hope to see you there. In the meantime check out the trailer.

a Girl, a Cat, a Bomb In Production!






In Process

Maxfly Films is currently in a writing period.  That means I am working on all sorts of new projects for your entertainment.  So please be patient and very soon there will lots of news of my upcoming projects.

- The Maxfly

New Filmmakers Screening


It’s been a while but I’m happy to announce “HUNTING” is having another screening.  As part of the New Filmmakers Screening series Fall kick off festival:


Monday October 8th 7pm.

Anthology Film Archives

32 2nd Ave. @ 2nd St.


Hope to see  you there.


Reaching the End of the Festival Circuit

I am coming up on the end of the festival circuit for Hunting.  It has been a lot of fun and I think a very successful run. Every festival was different and exciting in it’s own way.  I kept thinking that eventually I’d get over the nerves before my screening, but that just didn’t seem to be the case.  I guess that is something I’ll have to learn.   I still have 2 of festivals I’m waiting to hear from and then I will be putting the film online.  Coming to a computer near you soon.

This summer I’ll be shooting my next short film.  It’s a haunted house story and should be pretty creepy.  As I get closer on that I’ll keep you posted.

POW Final thoughts


I realize I kind of left it hanging after POW Fest but after a red eye home and then 9 straight days of working I didn’t have too much time or energy.  However, now I am back and ready to reflect.  POW Fest was a wonderful experience and a wonderful surprise.  I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this festival, but the organizers Tara, Jen and Lauren did an amazing job programming wonderful films made by and about women and putting on a great entertaining festival.

One of my favorite moments had to have been the Director’s brunch on Sunday with Amy Heckerling.  It was an intimate affair where we all sat around ate breakfast burriots and picked Amy’s brain about the film industry.  She had some amazing stories to tell and about how she ended up doing Look Who’s Talking Too, her struggles with pitching, and fighting for the right kind of music in her films.  She also told us a bit about Vamps which will be hopefully coming out this summer, and is her first low budget feature in a long time after working mostly in the studio system.

The one story that stuck with me was about how she got into the film industry and I’m going to share it here.  When she was in high school in New York she had a male friend who said that he was going to hollywood to be a director.  This pissed Amy off because she liked movies more than this guy, knew more about movies than this guy, and had seen more movies than he.  She was  angry at him until she realized that her anger was a result of her desire to also be a director.  Just because this guy was all bloated on his own ego didn’t mean she couldn’t pursue the same thing, so she did.

Of course her telling was much more eloquent, but you get the drift.

Thank you POW Fest for a wonderful time.  I will keep everyone posted on my next festival and my new haunted house project.


Last night was the screening!  I think it went really well altough 10pm seems to be pretty late for this town.  People were excited about the film and asked good questions at the Q & A.  Plus three of the other filmmakers in my section were there.  One woman directed a zombie comedy called Summer of the Zombies about a vegetarian zombie being ostracised by the regular zombies, it was hilarious.  The other woman directed a film called Nice Guys Finish last.  There was a lot of death in both.  We also saw some films by a few of the filmmakers I’ve met.  A lovely little animated short called little hearts about a stick figure girl getting her heart broken and trying to find love and a documentary about a girls grandfather whose planted 10,000 trees on his land in Washington. There was also a documentary about a woman’s life mission to save the Nashua river from polution.  The Nashua is in Massachusetts and a tributary of the Merrimack in NH.


Let’s see there was also LunaFest yesterday which is a traveling showcase of exceptional shorts by women from all over the world and they were an excellent collection.  This morning I have a filmmaker’s breakfast and we are going to see a few more documentary shorts a group about women in service and another about marriage equality and gender transformation.  I think it’s going to be a great day.  After that it’s off the airport for our lovely red eye.

POW Day 2

Yesterday was very busy.  Jordan and I ate breakfest at an awesome restaurant called Tasty & Sons recommended by my cousin.  Lovely homemade donut, chicken hash, and sausage and polenta ragu. We then headed over to Powells Books downtonwn where we spent many hours looking at lovely used books and getting great deals on a few.  I got an old Ursala K. LeGuin for $4!  Then we booked it back over the Willamette River to the Hollywood Theatre where the festival is and we were treated to a tour. The Hollywood is an historical cinema that was originally an old Vaudeville theatre and today  they are restoring as a three-plex.   The screen was made big enough for the old cine-rama films and there are murals painted along the walls and chandeliers.    We even got to go backstage and behind the screen and look out at all the empty seats.

At night we went to our first screening of the festival.  Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  It was awesome to see the film on the big screen especially since I haven’t seen the movie since I was about 15 years old.  The film stands up really well even today and if anyone feels like revisiting it I completely recommend it.  The big event though was the director Amy Heckerling herself who was there for a talk back after the film.  I kept thinking, oh my god that woman made Clueless, so seminal in my adolescent years.  The Q & A went pretty well even though the interviewer was a bit of a lame duck and hadn’t done his research on Amy very well.  I got the impression he just read her wikipedia page and took it as law.  Anyway, some people asked great questions and I even asked a question myself.  Although interviewer dude kind of hijacked it from Amy and decided to answer the question on his own terms.  Thanks guy, you’re really the person I wanted advice from about women working in the studio system.

We took the bus back and crashed.  Overall it was a lovely day.  Today we drop my cousin off at the airport and then head to the festival for a day of movies!  I am very excited Hunting shows tonight at 10pm so call out to your Portland friends to come and see it.

Portland POW

I had all of these great intentions of doing a blog post before I flew to Portland.  I was going to talk about making postcards and sticking a million stickers to the backs and how excited I was to be coming to the North West.  However, I never got around to that and now I am here sitting in my cousins adorable apartment about to go out to brunch!

Our flight yesterday was uneventful and I think I was as calm on the plane as I have been in a long while.  That might have been due to the fact that we got up at 3:30 AM in order to catch our 6AM flight out of Laguardia though.  Only a few hours of sleep will make a person very lethargic.  We arrived here,  took the MAX light rail to the city center and checked in at POW fest headquarters. It was only noon and I think that Lauren and Tara the festival organizers where surprised to see us so early but they were absolutely lovely and welcoming.  They got us our badges and gave us some good food recommendations for lunch.  They also had a bunch of VooDoo donuts which are a Portland staple.  Jordan and I shared one that was covered in frosting and mini M&Ms.  Oh my goodness was it sweet and delicious. Very decadent.

We then took the bus to Chloe’s and promptly passed out on her couch for two hours.  Afterwords we walked up to Hawthorne, a very hip street, and got some drinks and food at Gold Dust Meridian a lovely little bar/pub where we finally met up with my cousin when she got out of work.  She had to jet and we then headed to the opening night party at @Large films.

The party was in an awesome little studio and the booze was free! There were also cupcakes and a lady handing out Luna Bars to promote LunaFest which is showing at the festival.  Unfortunately, Jordan and I were so exhausted despite our naps that we weren’t as social as we normally are, but we did do a little dancing before we headed home.

Today our plans are Brunch, as I mentioned a little tourism and then Fast Times at Ridgemont High tonight at the festival with director Amy Heckerling!! I am sooo excited.  Tomorrow we will be all up in the festivals business heading to screenings and my screening which is tomorrow night!

I’ll post again later.



I just found out last night that Hunting received the Best Horror Film award at the Victoria Independent Film Festival!  I am truly honored and this is our first award.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the trip to Melbourne for the Fest but I’m sure it went well and thank you to the judges!